Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Passing 40k

Haven't made a post here in a while, so I thought I'd just recap what I've been up to since April.

I've written and released an Micro RPG (Role Playing Game).  It's a background, game rules, and scenario that prints onto a single side of A4 and folds into a little booklet.  The game is called "Shikishima Heroes" and is set in an alternate 1902.  Follow the link to read more.

It was a fun experience trying to write an entire game in what is actual fact, eight tiny tiny pages. You have to pare back your use of words and get the most meaning out of every sentence. Game rules are terribly difficult to write at the best of times, but squeezing it into just those few pages is especially interesting. Some might try flash fiction or even the odd Drabble as an exercise, but rules writing is a strong challenge!

Writing that game was so much fun, I decided to write another.  The next one is called "Acrobats vs Mobsters"  I think the title gives away what the game is about. It was actually easier to write the second one having had the experience of the first. I knew what to put in and what sort of thing to leave out.

So with those out of the way... I wrote a third called "Trench Full of Heroes". That's not out yet. It's a role playing game set during the First World War, my hope is that I've teased the setting so that players will not limit their play to the mud and blood of the trenches.

All three of the games have different rule systems, and that has been half the fun.  Letting my half sleepy alpha brain search for mechanics and fit them together.

I've also written a "scenario" for Dungeons and Dragons (1st Edition) which I'll talk about in a future post.

Finally to cap this little list, I've also been adding the odd word or two to my novel. Tonight I broke the 40k barrier during a forty minute splurge. HUZZAR!