Sunday, 5 February 2012

Editing a short story

With no other new story idea burning in my soul, I took the opportunity today to go through my first edit on a story I call "Incursion".  I finished the first draft of this a week or two ago. On this first edit I was just doing the basics.

  • Checking for spooling mistaks
  • Making sure each sentence actually makes sense.
  • Trying to remove repeated words that I repeat.
  • Adding the odd detail to scenes to increase flavour.
  • Correcting awkwardly worded bad sentences

The story is a tongue in cheek Lovecraftian tale, that I'll be branding as a "Lovecraftian short". the third of my stories in that mould. there may be a collection of these at some date in the future.

And a quote from the story...

"Her name is Georgina." He explained.
"Is that a crystal ball?"
"Oh yes. She's very good with it."
I stared at the professor. "What is this place?"
"We are the governments special research and defence division."
"Special..." I was lost for words. "What sort of government work is Georgina doing with a crystal ball?"

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