Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Gamebook released in ePUB format

My latest collaborative book project has started to become available via electronic outlets. "What is it?" you ask!

Well, here it is. Tars Tarkas of Mars. This book is based in the "John Carter of Mars" universe and is a prequel of sorts to the first John Carter book, "Princess of Mars".

In this gamebook adventure we follow Tars as he carries out a solo mission to recover a lost treasure.

It's not an ordinary novel, but rather a game in a book. You read the first entry and are given some choices about what you want the protagonist to do, and depending on the choices you make you will read different segments, thereby controlling how the story is told and the eventual outcome.

Your choices in this game can lead to the successful completion of the mission or even to the death of Tars!  Check out the Kindle link below and take a look at the sample, if you've never seen this sort of thing before you're in for a surprise.

The book is available as a DRM free ePUB from and on the Kindle.  Soon to appear in print as a print-on-demand book, and in the iBook and Nook stores.

WITHDRAWN FROM SALE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE ( just found out that "Tars Tarkas" is trademarked, what a bummer!)

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  1. The problem is not trademark but copyright. Burroughs's works do not enter public domain until 2020. Up till then, I don't think it's possible to use his worlds or characters in a new work without the permission of the current copyright holder. A pity, as I would have liked to read this!