Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Getting frustrated

Grrr.  I feel like I'm writing noting at present. What little time I can dedicate to writing I'm using on the "annotation" project.  It doesn't let me set lose the muse, I have to be quite restrained.  It's also a long process that I'm starting to dread.

I look at the file on the computer and let out a wheeze.

It's not that the job is boring, or that the text I'm working with is uninspired. It's just such a long job.  Of course I know, the longest job is the one never started, so that's why I keep working through this thing.  But... sheesh, it's so long!

When I finish the first pass/draft I may have to have a "Creme Egg & Pepsi Max celebration" TM . Now that's something to look forward to, maybe I should keep my eyes on that!

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